About Deek Software Solution


Our processes ready to polish up your ideas and take your career to new heights or a small-business owner aiming to take on a new market, you've come to the right place.


Our company tries to help its clients reduce the overall IT project (solution) costs. Doing that we also take care not only of cutting custom software development expenditures (offering our customers all the advantages of offshore software development and IT outsourcing), but also the ones associated with the purchase of hardware and packaged software as well as the provision of technical support and maintenance. However, both IT outsourcing and offshore software development are, like anything, not that perfect - they have certain shortcomings and involve certain risks. But all of those can be significantly reduced and we at Sitscorp are working hard in this direction, having already come up with numerous ways to eliminate the hazard.


Our Services includes Software Development & Maintenance, Data Warehouse.

We are specialized in following domains-

  • Banking,
  • Finance,
  • Insurance,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Health Care,
  • Travel and Tourism,
  • Information Technology,
  • Hotels and Resorts,
  • Real Estates

We expertise on following Technologies-

  • Java Technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Mainframes
  • Client Server
  • Open Systems
  • Oracle Apps
  • Oracle DBA

Software Development & Maintenance

We are specialized in enterprise application development for both intranet as well internet environment and maintaining these throughout its life. The services include migration, reengineering, technical architecture, designing, testing, implementing across various technologies and cross functional domains.

Data Warehouse

Deek Software Solution offers wide range of solutions to real time enterprise applications by capturing, transforming, and delivering high volumes of data transactions across heterogeneous environments. It uses techniques to design, build, maintain, and retrieve information from a data warehouse.